I was born in Gdansk, Poland and lived in the same apartment complex as Lech Walesa.

My Dad was a mechanical engineer and managed to move our family to Canada on a post-doctoral fellowship from the Canadian government in the late 1980s. After growing up and doing my graduate studies in electrical engineering in Canada, that same post-doctoral fellowship program allowed me to move to the United States thirty years later to pursue my interests in the brain. I am now an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the City College of New York (currently on sabbatical), where I study the human brain from the perspective of an electrical engineer analyzing a circuit, and also the VP of Machine Learning at Optios, where I am helping to build next-generation neurotechnologies that leverage advances in artificial intelligence to increase human performance across several domains.

I tend to switch problems more frequently than what is optimal for traditional career advancement. For better or worse, I’m just not happy being confined to a single domain or scientific problem. The projects that I will talk about here will be fairly diverse. The goal of this minimal, non-narcissistic, and somewhat infrequently updated site is to share with you findings that you may find interesting, as well as resources that may be useful for your own work.

My current scientific interests are in the intersection of machine learning and human neuroscience, as well as the statistical theory of sports betting markets.

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None of the views or opinions expressed here represent those of the City College of New York, the City University of New York, the Research Foundation of the City University of New York, or Optios.